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Bloomington, Indiana

ASC 2002-2003 Season Race Results

Whistler/Blackomb - 1/29/03 - Race Times/Medals (Red/Blue/Medal)
Steve Smock 27.74/DNS/Silver
Tim See 28.20/28.29/Silver
James Hilt 29.55/DNS/Silver
Yvonne Oliger 32.84/32.05/Bronze
Priscilla Johnson 40.67/42.35/ -
Pat Hunt 42.49/41.26/ -
Arlene Stune 41.65/41.89/ -

Paoli Peaks - 2/8/03 AM - Race Times/Medals (Red/Blue/Medal)
Mike Pease DNF/21.33/Gold
Dick Pease 30.47/DNF/Silver
Megan Pease DNS/DNF/ -

Paoli Peaks - 2/8/03 PM - Race Times/Medals (Red/Blue/Medal)
Mike Pease 22.15/20.90/Gold
Megan Pease DNS/24.14/Silver
Chris Kohler DNS/25.64/Silver
Dick Pease 28.36/27.84/Silver

Paoli Peaks - 2/9/03 AM - Race Times/Medals (Red/Blue/Medal)
Mike Pease 23.05/23.00/Gold
Megan Pease DNS/26.50/Silver
Chris Kohler 28.27/27.35/Silver
Dick Pease 33.96/29.08/Silver

Paoli Peaks - 2/9/03 PM - Race Times/Medals (Red/Blue/Medal)
Mike Pease 21.59/21.62/Gold
Megan Pease DNS/24.43/Gold
Chris Kohler 25.91/26.02/Gold
Dick Pease 27.18/27.60/Silver

Perfect North - 2/15/03 Qualifier - Race Times/Medals (Red/Blue/Medal)
Mike Pease 21.14/DNF/Silver
Dick Pease 25.59/25.73/Silver

Perfect North - 2/15/03 Cup Race - Race Times/Medals (Red/Blue/Medal)
Mike Pease 21.18/21.10/Gold
Dick Pease 28.16/DNF/Bronze

DNS-Did Not Start
DNF-Did Not Finish

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