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ASC 2003-2004 Season Race Results

Considering the size of ASC, our race program is doing well. Check out the results this season. And thanks for a great job, Chris!

OVSC NASTAR Race Results (in pdf format files):

Paoli Peaks Morning GS 1/31/2004

Paoli Peaks Afternoon GS 1/31/2004

Paoli Peaks Morning GS 2/1/2004

Paoli Peaks Afternoon GS 2/1/2004

Paoli Peaks Cup Qualifier 2/21/2004

Paoli Peaks Cup 2/21/2004

Paoli Peaks Morning GS 2/22/2004

Paoli Peaks Morning GS 2/22/2004

Canaan Valley Resort GS 2/27/2004

Canaan Valley Resort GS 2/29/2004

OVSC Race Standings - Final - Feb 29, 2004

You can find the daily Nastar results at

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Bloomington, Indiana
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