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Updated December 27, 2004

Alpine Ski Club (ASC) Racing

Ski racing is fun for everyone from beginners through expert level skiers. Racing will help you hone your skills and learn to turn and control your skis! If you would like to join the ASC Racing Team please contact our ASC Race Team Director, Chris Kohler, at 812-855-5454 (work) or send e-mail to Chris.


NASTAR is the acronym for the National Standard Race and is the largest public recreational ski race program in the world and was developed in 1968. Paoli Peaks will be hosting NASTAR racing this year and will have some shiny new timing equipment. By using a handicap system NASTAR allows racers of all ages and abilities to compare themselves with their friends, family members, and the US Ski Team regardless of where and when they race. See how you measure up! You'll be pleasantly surprised and you can race wherever your travels may take you during the ski season. You can register for NASTAR racing at Be sure to list "Alpine Ski Club" as your club team. Several of our racers qualified for the NASTAR Nationals at Park City last year. If you need help registering please feel free to contact your ASC Racing Director.

You can race NASTAR events every Wednesday night, Saturday, and Sunday at Paoli. There is a minimum fee of $5 (I think) collected at the starting gate or you can purchase a NASTAR pass for the season for $39 ( check So if your there and you see some racing going on just come over to the starting gate and join in - it's open to all ages and abilities.

Ohio Valley Ski Council Racing

The Ohio Valley Ski Council (OVSC) is a consortium of ski clubs that will organize several races at midwestern resorts this winter. In our area, Perfect North will be hosting one race and Paoli Peaks will host two racing events including the OVSC Cup Race! It's lots of fun to compete with other skiers from the midwest and these races also qualify as NASTAR races too. The OVSC racing rules and a current schedule can be found at the OVSC web site

You can check out the 2004-2005 ASC OVSC race roster and schedule here. Contact Chris Kohler if you would like to be added to the roster and order your bib.

American Ski Racing Alliance

If your are a traveling racer there is some interest in a new racing organization (at least new to me) called ASRA (American Ski Racing Alliance). Here is an excerpt from the OVSC Race meeting minutes:

ASRA offers racing for intermediate to super elite ability levels and ages from 5 to 98. ASRA branched off of Masters Racing and started with only 35 members. Now enjoys membership levels over 3,000! ASRA is similar to our current NASTAR racing program as a family oriented racing program. With an ASRA membership ($35 individual and a discounted family rate) there are options to attend a pre-season race camp with Olympian Doug Lewis at Sugarbush, VT ($499 for 4 nts lodging, breakfast, lift tickets, and 4 days of race training!) as well as Nationals competition at Killington, VT.

The benefit of an ASRA alliance would be additional racers from outside of the OVSC area. These racers would join an OVSC club for participation in our OVSC NASTAR/ASRA races. From a cost perspective, no additional cost would be incurred by OVSC. Races would be held in conjunction with our local OVSC NASTAR races. After our OVSC race, a spreadsheet file of the results would be submitted to ASRA for those racers who have also joined ASRA. ASRA Racers who place 1-2-3 (in each age/gender divisions) would receive a medal. Prize giveaways for all ASRA members present at the race from ASRA sponsors (Technica, Booster, Volkl to name a few). S. Kibbey suggested the racer(s) pay the medal charge for any medals received (~$2.50ea) and a small additional charge (only to those with ASRA memberships) to cover nominal costs for giveaways.

Those OVSC racers who are interested in participating in ASRA would join as an individual and/or family membership. When the membership form is submitted those should sign up as the team/group, “OVSC-Ohio Valley Ski Council.” Results are posted online at and we can compare the OVSC against other teams/groups within ASRA.

Ski Racing Safety

Helmets are worn by many different sports enthusiasts including cyclists, rock climbers, kayakers, in-line skaters, motorcyclists, auto racers, equestrians, skiers, and snowboarders. They are worn by professionals and amateurs, kids and adults, men and women. Helmets are a viable piece of equipment for any sport or profession where one might encounter a bump on the head. Wearing protective headgear is a matter of choice.

There is a wide variety of helmets available (see the interesting links below). If you choose to wear a helmet, it is important that it fits properly, is comfortable, undamaged, and offers the appropriate level of protection for the activity.

Ski Racing Links

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Ski Racing - The International Journal of Ski and Snowboard Competition
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Download Leedom pricing spreadsheet (Excel) for ASC here.

Other links available here.

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